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WSEC Commercial Technical Support - ETC

Evergreen Technology Consulting (ETC) is a new provider of commercial energy code technical support services for WA State. We provide classroom and online training, technical topic resources, on-line compliance documentation tools and on-call technical support. 

Refer to the Contact Us page to reach our commercial energy code experts.


2018 WSEC Commercial Integrated Draft Available!

The WSEC is the International Energy Conservation Code (also referred to as the model code) with WA State Amendments.

Last fall, the Energy Code Technical Advisory Committee (TAG) completed their review of all public code change proposals submitted for the commercial provisions of the 2018 WSEC and the TAG submitted their recommendations to the WA State Building Code Council (SBCC).

The SBCC have completed their modifications of the model code and the resulting commercial integrated draft is now available for public review. Public hearings schedule will be announced soon.

Here's a link to the SBCC webpage where the latest version is available for download - 2018 WSEC Commercial Integrated Draft, 2/06/19 Version

The 2018 WSEC will go into effect mid-year 2020.

UPDATED - February 21, 2019


ICC Group B Committee Action Hearings

Code hearings offer ICC members/non-members, code officials, architects, builders, engineers, fire and energy conservation professionals the opportunity to provide input on proposed code changes to the Group B International Codes®. The 2021 Group B Codes include:

  • Admin: (Chapter 1) of all the I-Codes®
  • International Building Code® (IBC®) — IBC-S 
  • International Existing Building Code® (IEBC®)
  • International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC®) — IECC-C, IECC-R/IRC-E
  • International Green Construction Code® (IgCC®) — (Chapter 1) 
  • International Residential Code® (IRC®) — IRC-B

The ICC has announced that proposed changes to the Group B Codes will be posted by March 4th, 2019. Committee Action Hearings will be held in Albuquerque, NM, April 28 – May 8, 2019. Registration is free!  Pre-registration is encouraged.

POSTED - February 16, 2019


WA State Department of Commerce - State Energy Office Newletters

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UPDATED - February 16, 2019