Washington State Energy Code Documents

  • Washington Administrative Code (WAC) - Title 51

    Refer to 51-11C for the 2015 edition of the WSEC for Commercial. This information includes all amendments approved by the WA State Building Code Council.

  • Washington State Energy Code (WSEC)

    For a formatted copy of the WSEC, scroll down to the Energy Code section to locate PDF files that are free to download. This document has three parts and all are required for a complete copy of the WSEC - commercial provisions, residential provisions and appendix chapters. Editions posted include the 2015 WSEC and historical editions from 2003 to 2012.

Compliance Forms

Compliance forms for each discipline are in Excel workbook format. Each file includes multiple forms, which are accessed by selecting from the various tabs across the bottom of the Excel workbook. Determining which forms are needed will depend on the scope of your project and the compliance path you plan to use. These forms provide input areas to document compliance information for WSEC provisions and include various compliance checks.

NOTE: Create an account and login to access the Excel compliance forms.

Official Interpretations and Amendments

Amendment and interpretation information for the current edition of the WSEC is consolidated here for easy reference. Check this webpage regularly for the latest news about WSEC updates.

SBCC responses to official interpretation inquiries

Official Interpretations

SBCC permanent rules


SBCC = Washington State Building Code Council