Education and Resources

Several new educational tools, resources and opportunities for training for the commercial provisions of the WSEC are in development. Check this webpage periodically for updates.

Technical Resources


Fact Sheets

Commissioning Fact Sheet (PDF 2.6mb)

Commissioning significantly increases the likelihood that technical details such as system configurations and flow rates, occupancy and temperature settings, and record drawings are correct and complete. Getting these technical details right can have a significant impact on the long-term performance of the building systems. Commissioning requirements in the WSEC elevate the priority for this important step in the construction process. This fact explains the basics of commissioning and when it is required per the WSEC.

Classroom Training and Webinars

Trainings will be offered in various locations around the state in 2019. Stay tuned for dates and locations.

    • 2019 WABO Annual Education Institute - Lynnwood, March 25-28th, 2019
      • WSEC TRAINING - Air & Moisture Barriers, Building Science and Performance:  There are many factors to consider when designing an effective building envelope assembly. Common sources of confusion are the placement and materials for air barrier, vapor retarder and rain barrier. Technical experts will provide a summary of the air and moisture barrier requirements in the WSEC and IBC, highlight best practices and common issues, and cover building enclosure testing procedures and documentation.